Remote Komondor is an application that turns your Wi-Fi enabled mobile iOS device such as your iPhone, or iPad into a remote control for your windows computer. First of all download and install the Remote Komondor Server to Your windows desktop.

Set the PIN code, for safety reasons. 

Set if You want to start the Remote Komondor Server with the Windows automatically, and in the minimized mode.

Set the available microphone, and audio mixer device (this is good for remote listening audio) in the sound options.

At the next step install the Remote Komondor Client to your iOS device. Sit back on the sofa and try out the remote control abilities.


Use Remote Komondor as Windows Media Player, Winamp, or iTunes remote control.

Connect to the appropriate media player on your PC, import library and start to play videos, already existing playlists as Bookmarks, Media Folders or CD / DVD / BD disks.

During music listening You can add songs to the current playlist from the Music library.

Remotely control playback of all your media such as Play, Pause, Stop, Next/Previous Track, Volume, Fullscreen, Mute, etc.

Select the current playing item from the Playlist.

Use Remote Komondor to browse Your files on Your PC, and watch any video, or pictures with the corresponding Windows application.

Use Remote Komondor as wireless windows mouse and keyboard. It is good for using internet browsers on the PC screen, or to control Celestia solar system simulator from the armchair, etc.

Use Remote Komondor as wireless headphone, when You watching a film, and the children are sleeping in the next room. It is possible to listening PC audio for more persons in the same time.

Use Remote Komondor as wireless home telephone. You call that person, who actually sit in the front of the Windows PC's desktop. For example call your husband that the lunch is ready.

Use Remote Komondor to control many other programs with the keyboard shortcuts. You don't need to learn this shortcuts, because the shortcuts descriptions will be displayed on your mobile device. 


Current version:
bugfixes: - remote browser couldn't call Windows Media Player, when started to watch a video file.
Previous version:



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